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Hello, my name is Robert. I live in Eastern Australia with my partner and our two wonderful kids. I had a pretty good education when I was growing up and attended University in Syndey. However, once I graduated, I didn't really give much thought to continuing to learn. I was really busy starting my career as an investment banker. However, once we had the kids, all that changed. Seeing my children come home from school all excited to tell me what they had learnt that day inspired me to return to education as an adult. I decided to start this blog to encourage others to keep learning and keep growing.

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How to Make Effective Hiring Decisions the Easy Way
16 October 2018

How do you make your hiring decisions? Hiring new

How to Make Effective Hiring Decisions the Easy Way

How do you make your hiring decisions? Hiring new staff for your business is often one of the most stressful tasks you are called to undertake. Interviewing people can give you an idea of which candidates may be the most suitable, but can it really predict how someone will perform once you have hired them? If you make a mistake and get it wrong, you can easily find yourself repeating the hiring process time and time again trying to find the ideal person to fit in to your business. These difficulties with the traditional interview process are one of the main reasons that more businesses are turning to pre-employment online testing to assess how a prospective employee is likely to perform once they are hired.

Here are three reasons why pre-employment online testing is the right choice for your company.

Remove the guesswork

Testing provides you with real objective data about a potential employee. Instead of guessing how effectively they will perform, you can now know with a degree of certainty exactly how they will perform. You can select for interview only the candidates that you can be sure will excel at the job. Psychometric testing and cognitive aptitude tests will show you exactly who is capable of performing the job before you hire them.

Improve employee retention

Good pre-employment online testing will do much more than just show you which candidates might perform well. It will show you whether they will be comfortable performing the job in the long-term. This approach will quickly weed out candidates who may be high performing but would probably leave quickly because they got bored or found themselves otherwise unsuited to their daily tasks. All of this removes the risk of the hiring process and helps to increase the productivity of your company because you aren't always introducing new people and training them in your procedures. Increased employee retention means that your teams have time to bond properly and learn to work together effectively.

Efficient hiring procedures

Hiring staff takes a long time. With the advent of online recruitment, job seekers can now apply for a position with just one or two clicks of a button. It's likely that only a few of those who apply will be even remotely suitable for a position in your company, yet you still need to look at every application. Reading through all of those applications takes time even if you don't take most of the applications any further. For those applications that you do pursue, there is interviewing and follow-up to be considered. By using pre-employment online testing, you win every way. Not only do you narrow the field so that only the most suitable candidates need to be investigated, but you can be sure that all the candidates who pass the test are likely to be happy in their work, so you will not need to repeat the hiring process as often.